MDH Masale Journey from Supermart to Digital World

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MDH Masale is a brand of spices and food products that is owned by the Mahashian Di Hatti group (MDH) in India. MDH was founded in 1919 by Mahashay Chunni Lal Gulati, and since then, it has become one of the leading spice brands in India.

MDH Masale is known for its high-quality products, and it has become a trusted brand not only in India but in other countries around the world. Brand is a matter of pride for every Indian.

However, because it is a digital era, traditional brands frequently seek opportunities to come and make their digital presence in order to preserve their brand for ever and ever. And, of course, to raise their visibility among millenials and the Z generation.

Moat of the MDH Masale:

1. One of the things that sets MDH apart from its competitors is its focus on quality and consistency.

2. MDH also has a strong distribution network, with its products being sold across India and in many other countries around the world. That’s the reason for its excellent availability from small stores to big supermarkets.

Challenges faced by MDH Masale:

MDH was present in our homes during the digital era, but it needed to be present throughout the internet.

Digitalization, on the other hand, has increased competition like never before. Brands such as Everest and Catch have already established a formidable presence in the spice market. Obtaining a place in such circumstances was difficult for MDH, which had no digital presence.

Now, the brand’s target audience is the millennials or the next generation, and this is the era of trying new things. You’ve probably seen Shark Tank India and noticed how many new brands are making a good profit.

So, the brand’s biggest fear is being left out or lost in the crowd.

How does the brand leverage digital marketing strategies?

Brand took advantage of channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Since the majority of its target audience is located here only. So, here are the following strategies:

Cause to celebrate: The brand took its 100th anniversary as an opportunity and created a campaign depicting 100 years of hardship in building the brand. They actually use the tagline “100 years of affinity till infinity”. And they run all these ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media: The brand renamed its handle to “mdhspicesofficial,” as a lot of duplingers were created and it’s almost impossible for people to trust the page until and unless they get the blue tick.

Creative: Brand took the help of designers from DigioPeople in curating the post, which resonated with the energy of MDH masale. Brands even run multiple giveaways to attract maximum audiences. Here is the post.

Jingle: Brand took the leverage of the iconic jingle “MDH Masale Sach Sach.. MDH”, just to add a pinch of authenticity among the audience.

Content: The brand took advantage of content marketing by curating content around how to make recipes with the help of MDH Masale, which was a huge add-on tostrategy.

So, you can see how the traditional brand took advantage of all the digital mediums—social media, organic marketing, content marketing, Youtube marketing, and creatives—to increase the reach of the brand to 50 million users. That’s the power of social media.

I hope you, gals and guys, get an overview of how traditional brands are using digital marketing strategies to improve brand awareness and why this is really important. Give your feedback, and stay tuned for more!

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